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Aylmer Skating Club is a not for profit, volunteer run organization offering complete instructional skating programs from Learn to Skate to competitive programs.


Founded in 1951, Aylmer Skating Club is sanctioned by Skate Canada. This ensures that the programs offered, the skills developed, and the instruction provided to our skaters all meet a specified standard that is consistent across Canada.


Our Skating programs take place in the East Elgin Community Complex, 531 Talbot St. West, Aylmer, Ontario, N5H 2T9


Programs we offer (see the programs page for more detailed information):


  • PreCanSkate/CanSkate/PrePowerSkate (ages 3 to level 3 - 45 minutes on ice sessions

  • CanPowerSkate - 50 minutes on ice sessions

  • Beginner StarSkate (level 4 to Star 1/2) - 60 minutes on ice sessions

  • StarSkate (Star 2 to gold) - 60 minutes on ice sessions


Our winter skating season runs from September to March. Spring skating runs from April to June. It's never too late to register – we accept registrations throughout both Fall/Winter and Spring skating sessions.

Our certified coaches assess and place your skater into the correct level for their ability. Assessments are on-going each week and your skater is moved to the next level when they are ready.

About Us


At the Aylmer Skating Club, our coaches are among the very best. All coaches are Skate Canada professionals with National Coaching Certification (NCCP), First Aid Certification and Police Clearance Checks through Skate Canada. Our coaches teach both group and private lessons, and have a strong tenure with the club.


All CanSkate and Beginner StarSkate have group lessons provided by professionally certified coaches registered with Skate Canada and are assisted by our older skaters and are called Program Assistants. StarSkate sessions do not provide instruction at this time. A skater may prefer some personal attention Private or semi-private lessons are available on all sessions from our coaches and are required once a skater reaches the Star 2 level.

Private Coaches-


It is up to the skater and the parent to contact a coach directly to enquire about private lessons. This arrangement is independent of the club. The Club will not recommend a specific coach. When you hire a coach, the agreement is made between the skater, parent and coach. The Club assumes no responsibility for private lessons arranged, or for fees incurred. The rate charged is at the prerogative of the coach.


Before hiring a coach, some factors to consider:


  • The coach's availability

  • How many sessions per week do you want? How many can the coach provide?

  • How much does the coach charge?

  • How much does the skater like the coach? Does the coach have a suitable coaching philosophy for the skater?

Lesson Absences


It is the skater’s responsibility to inform their private coach of their absence for a lesson. You may find that you have been charged for a lesson that you did not attend if adequate notice was not given. If your coach is away, he/she will try to notify you and possibly send a replacement. In emergency situations, the coach will try to notify the club of their absence and a notice will be posted on the Bulletin Boards. Each coach has their own policies regarding cancellation and missing lessons.

What is a private / semi-private lesson?


The Professional Coaching Staff have an agreement with the Aylmer Skating Club to provide their time and services to both the Club and its membership. The Professional Coaching Staff are self-employed business professionals who work for a fee, normally charged on a 15 minute per lesson basis. Lessons for dance, freeskate and skills are arranged and paid for by the parent or skater. Payments are to be made directly to the coach. Selection of a professional coach must be from the professionals listed below as they are signed on with the Aylmer Skating Club. Private or semi-private lessons are mandatory for Star 2 through Gold levels of skating, but you can start much sooner if you wish to – even in Canskate!


Our Coaches

Dedication. Expertise. Passion.

Board of Directors

The Aylmer Skating Club operates under the dedicated guidance of a volunteer-based Board of Directors.

Monthly board meetings are held, culminating in an Annual General Meeting at the conclusion of the skating season. This committed board is responsible for ensuring that all skating programs adhere to Skate Canada's established standards, prioritizing safety while fostering an environment that encourages fun, fitness, and achievement. In addition, the board diligently coordinates fundraising initiatives, captivating shows, and test days to enhance the overall skating experience. If you have any questions or are interested in joining the Board, please feel free to contact any of the Board members.

Dave Lang


Kristi Brinn


Ray Brinn


Cheryl Ewart

Program Director

Tracey Lang


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